Driven Roller Conveyor


  • Industrial
  • Food and pharmaceutical 
  • Incline and Decline
  • logistics industry
  • Heavy Duty
  • Outdoors


Roller Material Stainless Steel available upon request
Frame Stainless Steel available upon request
Load Up to50 KG/m^2
Dimensions All sizes are available upon request
Roller width  600,800,1000 mm
Accessories Several separate add-ons and accessories such as wheels and side guide are available



  • Various types of Rollers are available in different thicknesses, covering all purposes
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Available for curves with plastic Rollers, Accumulating Rollers and Adjustable Accumulating Rollers
  • Available upon request, with stainless steel support
  • Attached with German or Italian electric motor and control panel


Made In KSA