Smart Technology Advanced Industries Co Ltd. was established in 2008 with its manufacturing facility in the 2nd industrial city - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Aiming to reform the competency of product handling technology, we offer diversity in inventory, durability in items, and affordability in prices. We are gradually giving our share of diligence to augment the rationalization of industrial standards and operational productivity. We design and manufacture an extensive assortment of conveyor systems to enable automation for food, beverage, and logistics industries, and factories to minimize labor and time during production. Every customer is unique, and each project is tailored to suit your individual needs, whether it is using standard modules or it is more complex requiring custom manufacture, Smartec will select and design solutions to fit your application.

Smartec Company is effectively distinguished in: The location of the factory is in Riyadh city - the administrative center of Saudi Arabia. High efficiency of manpower. Experience for more than 30 years in the industry field with the sister companies. We aspire to design a convenient process of conveying a production unit to its final destination. Our team of experts endeavors to make use of developing technologies and incorporate them into our collections to design dynamic solutions for your needs. Smartec feels more than a privilege in serving your cause. We invite you to get in touch with us for your special concerns and we would happily embody them as a positive reality. Why Choose Us? Smartec Conveyors Products has over a decade of experience in conveying and handling equipment, so we have seen a wide range of products. We pay attention to what customers have to say and are constantly interested in learning more about your factory's products and procedures. We will be able to provide better solutions if we learn as much as possible about your needs. All our customers expect high levels of reliability and durability from the systems we install, and we strive to keep up with their expectation.

We use 3D CAD software to create our solutions. We will supply 3D drawings during the sales process, allowing customer to quickly visualize the proposed solution. Customers' products can be displayed on the system, and complex layouts can be viewed from various perspectives. This helps the customer communicate planned changes to their staff by bringing the solution to life. Our 3D CAD is an important tool for designing and building the final system since it allows us to assemble components, create the system around your existing factory, and identify any potential issues.
Smartec Conveyors offers mechanical and electrical maintenance support for our systems. Depending on the demands and scale of your system, we can give a plan that ranges from quarterly to annual visits. We can also assist you in the event of an emergency breakdown, with agreed-upon response times. We can give spare parts packages, which we can then maintain and restock after each visit.

Spare Parts
We have a wide range of spare parts for our conveyor systems that includes belts, pneumatic cylinders, rollers, sprockets, idlers, drive motors and accessories. We provide complete spares and training, which are critical for keeping your production line running smoothly. We will create a spares list for each project, grading everything from critical to low wear. Training is essential because it strengthens confidence in your operators and maintenance workers, allowing them to take control of the line. Our systems are built to be simple to troubleshoot and maintain. When engineers know where to search and how to spot problems, faults are frequently easy and quick to fix.
Control Systems
Smartec Conveyors designs and manufactures control systems, including all mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic components. The controls might range from a single motor to a complete control system with an HMI touch panel. The control panel will be tailored to the line's needs. We use PLCs from Mitsubishi and Siemens. To give the system a clean appearance, the cable routing and tubing will be finished to a high quality.

Smart Technology Advanced Industries Company Ltd strives to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction as a provider of quality engineered conveyors for the Saudi Arabian material handling sector. We are entirely dedicated to precision engineering design and on-time delivery of high-quality products. As a company, we place a high value on client service.
To connect with people, create innovative products and offer solution by pushing the limits of what is possible in material handling. We are committed to helping our customers succeed. Providing value and excelling in our operations